Programs designed to shape your body and your mind


Jiujitsu is a submission grappling martial art created with self defense in mind. We instruct the traditional art from a realistic perspective. We teach a multitude of techniques that work with and on different body types. Our blackbelt Steve Quijada-Rodriguez has expansive knowledge on the art and how to effectively apply technique for competition or self defense.


Our Striking program is fundamentally Muay Thai and boxing. Taught in a manner conscious of take downs and grappling. We insist that our students learn to be well rounded. We want them to know how to safely engage and disengage all distances as well as decisively end confrontation.

Catch Can Wrestling

What is Catch Can Wrestling? We saved the lesser known grappling art for last. It takes the dominant aspect of Wrestling and meshes it with submissions in a sudden way. We’re taught to control, attack, and manipulate from every position. Often times positions that wrestling and jiujitsu teach are disadvantaged. The art gets to the point quickly, I believe its description should embody that as well.


The art of hitting and not getting hit. We teach boxing from a practical standpoint. We aim to show the ways boxing can be implemented with head movement, footwork, combinations, timing and effective punching. Also the ways boxing can mesh flawlessly with Muay Thai and MMA.

MMA Program

Instructor Marvin Eastman heads our MMA program. He’s assisted by his long time student and professional fighter David Jordan. This pro class focuses on blending the different disciplines into one art. It is a separate time block set aside for our pro class from 11:30 to 1 pm. We will periodically allow tryouts so our students can possibly graduate to the pro MMA class. This will allow us to see what they need to work on to get to the next level.


Our grappling academy is ran under the Nova Uniao banner. Nova Uniao is one of the most prolific Jiujitsu teams in the world with numerous world champions. Our program consists of jiujitsu, wrestling, and catch can wrestling. We believe all grapplers should have well rounded skillsets. We want our students to be comfortable in any situation that life presents. Whether top or bottom, it is essential to establish control of our situations. Our varied training methods ensure just that. Try our grappling classes and see which combination suits you best.


Controlling where your engagement takes place is one of the most effective strategies when engaging in competition or a self defense situation. Submissions are not allowed. Dominance is encouraged. Wrestling has a differing mindset than jiujitsu. Rather than go with the flow, you impose your will. Learning to Flip this switch can make every difference in the world in life and death scenarios and give you the edge you need in competition. Our instructors David Jordan and Marvin Eastman are both state championship wrestlers. They have the knowledge to give you the edge you need.

Young Legends Kids Program

Our Kids instructor Serena Dejesus does an amazing job connecting with our youth. We want to invest in the young men and women that will be leading the world someday. She teaches our various forms of striking and grappling as outlined above. Our curriculum will teach leadership, discipline, accountability, and focus. We also instill a sense of respect, self confidence, compassion, and camaraderie in our students. We want our kids to learn what a good work ethic truly is. Be a legend in everything you do. That’s true accountability.

Muay Thai

If you’re searching for a traditional stand up martial art that effectively shapes the body and mind, your search ends here. Muay Thai utilizes punches, elbows, knees, kicks, and grappling to decisively deal with opposition. The art has elements that favor any body type. You will know how to deal with any standup situation whether you are tall, short, heavy, light, male, or female. All gyms and all martial arts are not on the same playing field. Experience the next level. Supreme Training breeds a Superior mindset. It can change your life.